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    The Great Nerd Hunt

    | USA | Games, Geeks Rule

    (This is a small town with not much in the way of specialty shops, just a few here and there. I am in a video game store just browsing when I overhear this exchange. I’m a regular there. The customer is a man around 30 who comes in and makes a bee-line for the counter.)

    Customer: “Where do you hide your nerds?!”

    Employee: “Um… what?”

    Customer: “Your nerds! Where do you hide the nerds in this town?”

    Employee: “I’m sorry; we don’t sell candy here. Try the grocery store down the street.”

    Customer: “No, not candy. Nerds! Guys who can’t get dates and sit around pretending to be wizards and barbarians and stuff!”

    Employee: “I’m a nerd. That guy over there—” *he points at me* “—actually wears nerd pride shirts on occasion.”

    Customer: “Thank God. Do you play D&D?”

    (At that point both of us burst out laughing. Yes, we did play D&D, and in the same group at that. Turned out this guy had moved to town six months prior and hadn’t been able to find a group. He joined ours.)


    | Pender Island, BC, Canada | Bizarre/Silly, Physical, Rude & Risque

    (I am twelve years old, and visiting my aunt and uncle. We go out to eat at a small restaurant. I am wearing a t-shirt that says the word ‘Disney,’ but each letter bears the pattern of a Disney character, such as Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, or Donald Duck. The word happens to sit right over my boobs. I am standing by the dessert display, when a boy younger than me notices my shirt.)

    Boy: “All the letters are Disney characters!”

    Me: “Yeah, pretty cool, huh?”

    Boy: *rubbing his hand over the letter ‘D’* “This one is [Character]…” *moving onto ‘I’* “…this one is [Character]…” *and so on*

    Me: “Uh…yeah…”

    (He rubbed his hand over every letter as he named the characters, needless to say also rubbing my boobs in the process. Because of his age, I didn’t think he realized how inappropriate this was or how uncomfortable it made me, and I was too shy to say anything, so I just stood stock-still, eyes wide with shock, waiting for him to get to ‘Y’ and stop touching me. I glanced over at his mother; she gave me an apologetic look but did nothing. I think she, and my aunt and uncle, were more amused than anything. I, for one, was amazed that the mother said nothing, and very relieved when the boy finally finished naming the characters and stopped. I hope his mother at least had a word with him after the fact about personal space and female assets!)

    Drawing On Hidden Talents

    | The Netherlands | Art/Design, Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (I’m an art student and often go to the zoo to do life studies of the animals. It happens regularly that people stop to watch me draw and ask questions. Especially children are usually very interested, so when I see a mother and her son of about eight years approach, I’m not surprised to see the boy running up to me in obvious excitement.)

    Boy: “Oh, wow, that drawing is so good!”

    Boy’s Mother: “Yes, it’s really nice, isn’t it?”

    Me: “Thank you!”

    Boy: “I wish I could draw like that. That would be soooo awesome.”

    Me: “So you like to draw?”

    Boy: “Yes! I love it; it’s so much fun. I can’t draw like you, though.”

    Me: “Well, I started practicing my drawing much later than the age you are now, so if you draw a lot every day I’m sure that you will be able to draw at least this well when you’re my age.”

    Boy: “Really?” *jumps up and down in excitement, his eyes shining*

    Boy’s Mother: *to the boy* “NO! You don’t have any talent! No one in our family can draw at all! So you also CAN’T draw!”

    (As I stare at her open-mouthed, she turns around and leaves with her son who now looks like he is trying hard not to cry.)

    Con-Cussing Out The Bad Parents

    | England, UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

    (We go to a temporary ice rink that is set up every year in a local city. I can’t skate but my sister and boyfriend can. We decide to go so they can skate and I can attempt to. In the beginning I let them skate around while I get my balance and try on my own, holding the handrail around the side. Making my way round I come across a young boy, about 5-6 years old, holding the handrail, crying and looking quite lost.)

    Me: “Are you okay?”

    Boy: “I fell down. I hurt my head. I feel sick.”

    (I quickly realise he could have a concussion.)

    Me: “Where’s your mummy?”

    (The boy points to a group of women at the entrance of the rink. Chatting amongst themselves paying little to no attention to anything happening on the rink. I call my boyfriend over and get him to grab one of the safety guys on the rink to come get the kid and lead him off the ice. I continue on my way round and get close enough to the group of women to hear this.)

    Boy: “Mum, my head really hurts.”

    Mother: *clearly worried, taking his skates off* “I know, darling. We’re going to go see the doctor so he can make you feel all better.”

    (After she leaves.)

    Other Mother: “I don’t know why she was in such a rush. Didn’t even answer my question before she just ran off. He’d only gotten a little bump. Some ibuprofen and he’d be fine.”

    Boyfriend: *who is now next to me* “Stupid b****. Hope someone hits her in the head with a massive block of ice and gives her a concussion so she can see what it feels like.”

    (Lady, we felt sorry for your daughter we saw leave with you.)

    A Little Bird Told You

    | WI, USA | Bad Behavior, Pets & Animals

    (I’m eating in the cafeteria with two friends who are also friends with each other but have an interesting relationship. Their discussion leads to Friend #1 hissing like a cat at Friend #2, and Friend #2 responding with flipping Friend #1 off.)

    Me: “Well, I do suppose cats do like birds.”

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