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  • July's Theme Of The Month: Great Timing!

    July Theme Of The Month: Great Timing!

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    Introducing July’s Theme Of The Month: Great Timing!

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    The Delayed Light Of The Lord

    | Reno, NV, USA | Pranks, Religion, Strangers, Technology, Transportation

    (My car’s headlights are always on while I’m driving, and turn off automatically about thirty seconds after turning the car off. Because of this I sometimes get people trying to be helpful by stopping me and telling me my lights are still on. It’s the end of a long day and I’m heading into a store from the parking lot.)

    Stranger: “Hey, you left your lights on!”

    Me: *turns around and points at car menacingly* “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!”

    (The car’s lights turned off right at that moment. The look on the stranger’s face was very amusing.)

    Friends Are Like Boobs


    You And I Can Write A Free Romance

    | PA, USA | Bad Behavior, Best Friends, Books & Reading

    (I’m talking to a friend on Facebook, trying to plan a time to see each other. This is difficult considering that she lives in Illinois and I live in Pennsylvania. We jump around from topic to topic, when she decides to tell me to do something.)

    Friend: “Tell me not to get all the free romance novels off of Amazon… because I kind of want to binge read those.”

    Me: “Get all the free romance novels from Amazon and binge read.”

    Friend: “#you’rethebest. #spacebardoesntworksoiuse#”

    Me: “You’re welcome.”

    All My Friends Have Birthdays


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