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    More Than Just Lip Service

    | CA, USA | Awesome, Health & Body, Strangers

    (I’m a little kid at this time, and I used to love pushing the shopping cart around. Since I was little, I stood on the bottom of the cart to put my chin on the handle, but sadly, this time, I slip and bite the bottom of my lip extremely hard.)

    Me: “Daddy! It hurts!” *holding my profusely bleeding lip*

    Dad: “Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!” *proceeds to fumble around in pockets trying to find a handkerchief*

    Nice Lady: “Oh, are you all right?” *comes rushing up* “Here, you can have mine.”

    (She hands my dad her handkerchief, which he then pushes up against my lip, attempting to stop the bleeding.)

    Dad: “Thank you so much! Would it be all right if I asked for your number, to return your handkerchief once it’s washed?”

    Nice Lady: “Oh, no, that’s all right; keep it. Your daughter certainly seems to need it more than I do.”

    (She was so nice! I’ve had a hunk of scar tissue in my bottom lip ever since, and developed the habit of chewing on it when I’m stressed. Whenever I do, I think of her, and just how much a stranger’s help can mean to someone in need.)

    The Weather Is Frozen In Place

    | NY, USA | Movies & TV, Musical Mayhem

    (It’s currently the beginning of spring. It’s just started to snow. It also hailed yesterday.)

    Friend: “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

    Me: “B****, it’s snowing in April. Shut up.”

    It’s Just Not Working Out

    | Newport, KY, USA | Coworkers

    (This takes place at the bar I frequent after work. Although I don’t work that night, I come out to watch some football. A couple of my coworkers are there, when a girl walks in and greets me and my friends before sitting down next to me.)

    Me: “So, I think I’ve drank here with you before. Where do you work?”

    Girl: “…I work with you at [Restaurant]!”

    (Turned out it was one of the new hires that had worked with us for about a month. I was so embarrassed to not recognize her in non-work attire!)

    Girls Who Like Girls Who Are Like Boys

    | San Francisco, CA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Health & Body

    (I’m 16, and a girl. However, I have short hair and wear baggy clothes that hide my figure. I get mistaken for a guy A LOT. I’m hanging out with two of my friends.)

    Friend #1: “You have got to send me that picture of the guy in leather.”

    Friend #2: “I still can’t believe she got you to take a picture with him!             ”

    (Suddenly, two VERY pretty girls walk past us, giggling, and wave at me.)

    Me: *has no idea what just happened*

    Friend #2: “Oh. My. God. Those girls thought you were cute!”

    Friend #1: “Well, she is a pretty convincing guy.”

    Me: “No, wait, what?! I’m not even trying to look like a guy today!”

    The Great Nerd Hunt

    | USA | Games, Geeks Rule

    (This is a small town with not much in the way of specialty shops, just a few here and there. I am in a video game store just browsing when I overhear this exchange. I’m a regular there. The customer is a man around 30 who comes in and makes a bee-line for the counter.)

    Customer: “Where do you hide your nerds?!”

    Employee: “Um… what?”

    Customer: “Your nerds! Where do you hide the nerds in this town?”

    Employee: “I’m sorry; we don’t sell candy here. Try the grocery store down the street.”

    Customer: “No, not candy. Nerds! Guys who can’t get dates and sit around pretending to be wizards and barbarians and stuff!”

    Employee: “I’m a nerd. That guy over there—” *he points at me* “—actually wears nerd pride shirts on occasion.”

    Customer: “Thank God. Do you play D&D?”

    (At that point both of us burst out laughing. Yes, we did play D&D, and in the same group at that. Turned out this guy had moved to town six months prior and hadn’t been able to find a group. He joined ours.)

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