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    Death Is Not A Rarity

    | Lafayette, LA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Family & Kids, Movies & TV

    (My store sells small plush toys amongst other merchandise. A young girl has discovered the My Little Pony ones, and once I let on that I’m familiar with the show, she launches into a speech on which one of her friends is which pony. She has already gone through five of them, leaving only one left.)

    Girl: “And Rarity is my best friend, [Name]. She lives in California and she’s going to die soon!”

    Colorful Language

    | Norman, OK, USA | Language & Words, Roommates, Rude & Risque

    (My best friend and I are roommates and grew up together. My friend is just now starting to realize she is partially color blind. She’s become obsessed with looking at those little color blind tests and trying to make out what it says, and most of the time she has trouble with the red/green ones.)

    Roommate: *hands me her laptop computer* “[My Name], there’s a color blind test thing on this t-shirt online and I can’t really make out what it’s supposed to be. Could you take a look for me?”

    Me: “Sure thing!” *I take the laptop, look at the t-shirt that she’s talking about, and I burst out laughing*

    Roommate: “What?! What is it?!”

    Me: “…It says, ‘F*** the colorblind.'”

    Roommate: “I hate my life.”

    The Drive Of Your Strife

    , | Olympia, WA, USA | Strangers, Transportation

    (I am a 19-year-old male and roughly 5’10” and 200 lbs. I am just finishing up my monthly shopping at the grocery store and am in the parking lot. In this parking lot, there is an aisle that is one way. I drive up in the proper direction when I arrive and park near the front. My car is rather large compared to most of the locals, so I make an extra attempt to check my surroundings before backing out. I am finally all the way out of my spot, facing the correct way, when a woman in massive SUV starts coming down the aisle in the wrong direction.)

    Me: “Oh, no. She’s going the wrong way. D*** it.”

    (Because the aisle is one way, it’s rather narrow, making it impossible for me to get around her, or visa-versa. I try my best to pull off into empty spots to give her room to get out of my way. At that moment, she finishes looking and around and decides she wants one of those spots that I am blocking, and starts yelling at me through her closed windows to get out her way.)

    Me: “I don’t know what the h*** you want me to do! You’re going the wrong way and blocking me in! Go down and come back the proper way!”

    (She rolls down her window and continues to scream at me while making sure she flips me off as many times as possible. My windows are already open so I hear everything.)


    Me: *remaining calm* “Look. It’s a one way and you’re going the wrong way! I can’t get out until you move! Just go around and come back in the right direction!”

    (The roughly 5’5″ and 100 lbs woman then proceeds to scream incoherently and exit her vehicle, leaving it running.)

    Me: “Hey, what the h*** are you doing?! There’s no need to be so hostile!”


    (She approaches the front of my car and kicks the bumper hard and repetitively. I decide to get out of my car, and the lady realizes that I am roughly twice her size.)


    (She goes really pale and runs back to her vehicle. I am perplexed by this and watch as she peels out of the parking lot. An older stranger that was watching approaches me.)

    Stranger: “Are you okay, young man?”

    Me: “I guess so, ma’am. Apparently the parking spot wasn’t as important as she thought it was.”

    Stranger: “I ran into her before. She reacted that way when a handicapped man was taking too long to cross the street, so she knocked his cane out of his hand.”

    Me: “Oh, so she’s completely bonkers. Nice to know.”

    (The woman in the SUV returns and parks on the opposite side of the parking lot.)

    Me: “Maybe she’ll think twice before being so hostile.”

    (Right on cue, we hear her screaming yet again, but this time at a vehicle waiting for her to cross the street.)

    SUV Woman: *pointing at the crosswalk which is actually five feet away from her* “I’M CROSSING! I’M F****** CROSSING HERE. THIS MEANS PEOPLE! BACK THE F*** UP, YOU DUMB C***!”

    Stranger: “I think that’s a no…”

    A Babyish Disagreement

    | CA, USA | Family & Kids

    (My friend and I are taking the bus home from classes. We had been talking about random things when my friend points out a tiny child smiling at us. She talks about being a devoted mother in the future while I would rather adopt older children, if any.)

    Friend: *sighs wistfully* “I want babies.”

    Me: *also sighs wistfully* “I don’t.”

    Child-Like Confusion

    | NJ, USA | Movies & TV, Roommates

    (My roommate and I decide to watch TV. We put on a popular sci-fi/horror channel since the next program on the schedule is a zombie film that we’re both fans of. Currently a movie that’s in its last 15-20 minutes is on.)

    Me: “I’ve never heard of this movie. What’s it about?”

    Roommate: “I’ve never heard of it either. Check the description.”

    Description: “An evil child is born.”

    Roommate: “That’s literally all that it says? There’s nothing else to it?”

    (This confuses us even more because currently there are zombies eating people and not a child to be seen throughout the rest of the movie.)

    Me: “So the zombie apocalypse was started by the Children of the Corn?”

    Roommate: “If that description was accurate, it just raised more questions than it answered!”

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