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  • September's Theme Of The Month: Overheard!

    The Death Is Complimentary

    | Australia | Bizarre/Silly, Strangers

    (I’m looking at some clothes at a shop and an old man approaches me.)

    Old Man: “You would make a beautiful corpse.”

    (The man then walked away.)

    That Joke Never Gets Older

    | USA | Backhanded Compliments

    (I am talking to a friend about how I prefer men much older than me.)

    Me: “Guys my age are awful.”

    Him: “I was amazing at 22.”

    Me: “What happened?”

    Him: “Ouch.”

    Me: “You walked right into that one.”

    A Heartfelt Plea

    | QLD, Australia | Health & Body, Strangers

    (A year ago I had open heart surgery. Then in April ’15 I had surgery to fix a complication. I’m at the grocery store when the check out guy starts scanning denture cream belonging to an older woman behind me.  I’m 29 but look about 18.)

    Me: “Oh, that’s not mine.”

    Lady: “No, but you can have it. Not like a young thing like you needs to worry about health issues at your age. You’re too young to worry about those things.”

    Me: “I’ve got plenty of health worries at my age.”

    Lady: *laughing* “Yes, dear, I’m sure you do.”

    (I pull down the collar of my shirt and show the top of my zipper scar. The lady’s eyes go wide and her mouth open and closes a moment.)

    Lady: *indignant* “Oh, well… ah… Yes… I’ve got that, too!”

    September Theme Of The Month: Overheard!

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    Makes Perfect Cents

    | Switzerland | Food & Drink

    (After having a drink too many I am explaining what a centiliter is to a Canadian friend.)

    Me: “Know what a liter is?”

    Friend: “Yes.”

    Me: “A centiliter is one hundredth of a whiskey.”

    Friend: “That’s a centidrunk. One hundredth of a drunk [My Name]”

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