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    Probation Infestation

    | PA, USA | Criminal/Illegal, Strangers

    (A stranger and I are applying for a job as probation officers in a rural county with a fairly notorious drug problem. Because we both missed the previous exam, we have to take a makeup one in the office. While we wait by the elevator for the time to arrive, a young couple with signature grayed and rotted teeth show up.)

    Meth-head Guy: “You two here for probation?”

    Me: “Yeah. Up here, right?”

    Fellow Applicant: “Uh-huh.”

    Meth-head Girl: “What are you on for?”

    Me: “Well, uh, the exam.”

    Fellow Applicant: “Yeah, we’re gonna—”

    Meth-head Girl: “Oh, you’re here to BE probation officers?”

    Meth-head Guy: “Ah, heck, we can’t talk to you!”

    (They moved away from us.)

    They Weren’t Bitten By The Same Bug

    | The Netherlands | Bizarre/Silly, Pets & Animals

    (My friend and I are having beer on a terrace. My friend is long-time single. I’m in a relationship. Oddly, all day I’ve had little spiders and flies on my face and in my hair.)

    Friend: *picks spider from face* “Here, there’s another one on you.”

    Me: “What’s with me today?”

    Friend: “Dunno.”

    (Moments pass, and suddenly my friend stares at me.)

    Me: “What, do I have a bug on my face again?”

    Friend: “Uh, no, not this time.”

    Me: “Oh, okay. I don’t know why I attract all these bugs today.”

    Friend: “Yeah, you’re attractive.”

    Me: “Sooo… what are you going to order for dinner…?”

    Put Her In The Hot Seat

    | London, UK | Health & Body, Strangers, Transportation

    (I’m American. I have a fairly significant [but not readily visible] physical disability and so I always take an ADA seat on public transportation when the other seats are full. I have just taken one of the ‘disabled, elderly, and mothers’ seats on the train. The other three such seats are open. I am 30 but seem to look much younger. A middle-aged lady in a regular seat next to me starts talking:)

    Lady: “You know, people need that seat.”

    Me: *politely* “Um, there are three others.” *looking around and realizing the only people standing in our car are a group of young men* “There doesn’t seem to be anyone in need of any of them.”

    Lady: *haughtily* “I’m sure you don’t realize this since you’re…” *sneers*American, but those seats are for elderly passengers only!”

    Me: “Actually, ma’am, they’re for elderly passengers, pregnant mothers or mothers with young children and/or prams, and the disabled. As I’ve had a grade-nine spinal fusion and stabilization and suffer from brittle skeleton, the latter applies to me. I am not supposed to stand in a moving vehicle because a fall poses much more danger to me than the average person.”

    Lady: *speechless*

    Me: “For the record, my deceased grandfather was an English titleholder and my uncle currently sits in Parliament.” *train arrives at the concourse* “Have a lovely day!”

    Shouldn’t Be A-Moo-sing

    | Singapore | Movies & TV, Pets & Animals

    (My friend and I are watching ‘Le Grand Chef,’ about a poor man who is in a competition to be the heir to the Royal Chef. At one point, he has to demonstrate how to cut up a cow. Because he is poor, he can not buy a cow and sacrifices his pet cow instead. In this scene, the pet cow is on the way to the slaughterhouse. This is the saddest part of the movie.)

    My Friend: “Later on, you’ll see, as the cow goes in, it will turn around and look very sad, maybe shed tears.”

    Me: “Nah, I don’t think so. Look at the corridor it’s walking in, it’s too narrow to turn.”

    (As soon as I said that, the cow turned around with the saddest expression on its face.)

    My Friend & Me: *burst out laughing*

    (The other moviegoers around us shot us dirty looks for the rest of the movie!)

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