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  • Splitting Hairs On The Subject

    | GA, USA | Health & Body, Pets & Animals

    (I am over at my friend’s place helping to clean up because they have just had a lice outbreak.)

    Friend: “Thanks for coming over and helping. And sorry about the potential exposure to lice.”

    Me: “It’s fine. I’ve got really bad dandruff, so they don’t like me. They can’t get to my scalp.”

    Friend: “Really?”

    Me: “Yep. They’d have to go mining or get little bug dynamite.”

    Friend: “That makes sense.” *laughs* “Now I’m imagining you with little sparks of light and puffs of smoke from where they are, um…” *he waves his hand vaguely for emphasis*

    Me: “Fracking my scalp?”

    Peruve That Is The Case

    | Dallas, TX, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography, Language & Words

    (Two of my friends and I are discussing our dating history.)

    Friend #1: “I seem to like foreign guys. I’ve dated Jamaican, Nigerian, Peruvian…”

    Friend #2: “Where is Peruvia, anyway?”

    (There’s a pause.)

    Friend #1: “Uh… think about what you just said.”

    Sinfully Delicious

    | MI, USA | Food & Drink, Gatherings, Religion

    (My fiancé and I are at a friend’s house for dinner. We are eating dessert.)

    Me: “Oh, I think I might be a sinner and go get a second piece.”

    Friend: “Getting a second helping is a sin?”

    Me: *laughing* “I guess so.”

    Friend: *jumping up and heading for the kitchen* “Let it never be said that I missed out on a sin.”

    My Knights In Shining Armor

    | Hartford, CT, USA | Awesome, Geeks Rule, Strangers

    (I attend an anime convention in a city that I’m not familiar with. Towards the end of the evening I run out to grab a sandwich. It is dark at this point, and it isn’t until I am halfway to the sandwich shop that I realize how long of a walk it is and how many creepy, possibly coked-out people are just lurking in the corners to whistle at me, and I think one was following me for a bit. On my way out of the sandwich shop I see two large, imposing men cosplaying in full armor with giant foam weapons. I run after them and stop them.)

    Me: “Hey, are you two going back to the convention center?”

    Guy #1: “Yeah, why?”

    Me: “I want to walk with you, please. I don’t want to end up running into some complete weirdo!”

    (Both guys look each other up and down for a minute, and back at me.)

    Guy #2: “If you think we’re not complete weirdos I can’t imagine who you’ve been running into all night!”

    Give Me The Skinny About What Was Said

    | Australia | Liars/Scammers

    (Despite eating a LOT, even for a hungry teenager, while going through high school I am incredibly thin, so much that I had random parents approaching me and my mother, concerned I was being starved. My parents have friends over and I am sitting in my room on my laptop chatting with a friend when without warning the wife comes into my bedroom and hugs me.)

    Family Friend: “I just want you to know that I’ll be here for you, if ever you need me. It’s all going to be okay.”

    Me: “Uh… okay?” *tentative awkward hug back, then to friend once she was gone* “Huh, that was weird.”

    (The following day…)

    Mum: “Hey… did [Family Friend] go into your room last night?”

    Me: “Yeah, it was really weird. She just walked up and hugged me out of the blue.”

    Mum: “When she came back out she said you clutched her and cried into her shoulder and said how terrible parents we were, and that you wish she was your mother…”

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