About To Start A Star Trek War

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(My buddy and I buy tickets to go to Comic-Con. I am new to the whole ordeal and whatnot so I am excited to go. At the convention we start talking to these bunch of guys who are dressed up as ‘Star War,’ and ‘Star Trek’ characters. They seem really into it.)

Friend: “That’s really cool. So, you guys are going around as a whole group?”

Them: “Yeah, man. It took us a bit of a while to make these look as authentic as possible, but now that I look at it, I think we did a fine job.”

(I tried to join in the conversation so not as to seem awkward because I haven’t said anything to them at all but wave hi.)

Me: “Uhm, so, is Star Wars better than Star Trek? I haven’t really watched any of them.”

(And just at that moment, my friend turns around and gives me a look that can only be described as “what have you done?”)

Friend: *without skipping a beat starts laughing* “Come on, man. Quit joking. You’ve practically seen the whole trilogy!”

(And that was the time I almost started World War 3 at Comic-Con.)

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