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Don’t Push It

| Australia | Backhanded Compliments, Health & Body, Popular

(A couple of friends and I are discussing bras along with their 15-year-old daughter. I am quite well endowed, while they aren’t, and often get teased about it.)

Friend: “[My Name], do you ever wear a push up bra?”

(Before I can answer the daughter pipes in.)

Daughter: “Are you kidding? She’d suffocate.”

Back-Pedaling All The Way To China

| USA | Backhanded Compliments, Geography, Popular

(Some friends and I are doing research for a class. I am from China.)

Friend: “China frightens me!”

(She sees me and suddenly turns red. I just smile, as I’m not offended by the comment. She doesn’t speak for a few minutes, then randomly says:)

Friend: “You know, the culture in China is just amazing.”

(A few minutes later…)

Friend: “China has amazing food.”

(A few minutes later…)

Friend: “You know what’s great about China?”

Me: “Okay, that’s enough…”

The Classless Part Of Society

| AR, USA | Backhanded Compliments, Geeks Rule, Popular

(I am sitting in a library I frequent just about every week or so. The librarian who works there on weekends is teaching a small group of teens to play a sort of roleplaying game. While I try not to eavesdrop, I can’t help but hear this gem:)

Librarian: “Okay, so you would be a level one human with no class.”

Teen #1: “Sounds about right.”

Thankfully Coming To An Agreement

| CA, USA | Backhanded Compliments, Holidays, Popular

(My dad and I are travelling through the US on the way back from Mexico, and stop in at some of his friends’ places to catch up. One of his friends has a son around 11 (I’m 21), and while I’m there the subject of Thanksgiving comes up.)

Me: *mock grumbling* “You Americans and your unnatural Thanksgiving…”

Son: “What’s unnatural about it?”

Me: “It’s in November! Thanksgiving is supposed to be in October, when it’s still fall!”

Son: “Well, to us, your Thanksgiving seems unnatural.”

Me: “Of course!”

Son: “So we’re in agreement?”

Me: “Naturally!”

(We shook on our mutual feelings of unnaturalness towards each other, then went outside and played with nerf guns.)

Developing A Sense Of Humor

| CA, USA | Backhanded Compliments, Popular

(Right as we are getting out of our psychology class, a couple of my friends end up in some debate about brain development. I am unsure how it got started, but suddenly I hear the following comeback.)

Friend #1: “Yes, [Friend #2], your brain does develop over time. And I would think you should know that from experience — unless, of course, that hasn’t happened for you yet, in which case I am sorry.”

(It’s worth mentioning that Friend #2 is known for being a little over-sensitive, but even he had to laugh at that.)