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By Jeorge!

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(We are watching our son’s baseball game. The couple in front of me turn to chat about some of the players.)

Wife: “Look! It’s George with a ‘J’!”

Husband: “George with a ‘J’?”

Wife: “Yes, I was keeping score the other day and it was written with a ‘J’!”

Me: “That’s… odd. Someone must have made a mistake; it’s George with a ‘G’.”

Wife: “Of course not! Stop imposing your white culture on him and his parents! What would you know about his name?”

Me: “I’m his father.”

Hugging Against Hate

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(Although my best friend and I have been texting, we haven’t physically seen each other in months. One day, I’m at the park when I see her in the distance.)

Me: “[Friend]!”

Friend: “[My Name]!”

Me: *tackle-hugs friend* “I haven’t seen you in forever. Oh, my god! I missed you!”

Friend: *still hugging* “I missed you, too! I can’t believe you’re here!”

Random Woman: *performs the sign of the cross* “Get those ungodly habits away from me!”

Me: “Um… what?”

Random Woman: “You’re going to Hell, you and your girlfriend both!”

Me: “Oh! Yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding, ma’am, this is just my friend. I haven’t seen her in months.”

Random Woman: “You’re going to Hell!”

Me: “Okay, we should go now…”

Random Woman: “Evil lesbian lovers!”

When One Door Open, Another Slams Shut

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(I’m a French Canadian, visiting with a few friends. I have local pen-pals, a couple, who generously accepted to be our hosts, taking us in and driving us around a bit. My friends and I have a habit which apparently disturbs them; we hold open doors for whoever seems next to pass, no matter what. It’s a deep-rooted basic courtesy for us, and despite ours hosts warning to not do it, we keep doing it from instinct. Since we expect nothing out this, we brush this off. We are about to enter a place with double doors. I spot a man holding bags, and me being me, I go around the door and let the man pass. He says nothing, which I expect. I see him pass the second door and do like I did on the first one, holding it open. I think, “oh, he wants to make it even, that’s nice” so, I go to pass the door, but, once I’m engaged in, he quickly and forcefully slams the door on me. It hits my face so hard I back off. He says something I don’t hear and runs away.)

Me: “What the f***?!”

(It really hurt! My confused friends start to freak out, telling me my face is about to turn blue where it was hit. Our hosts are calm still.)

Host #1: “Well, from what he said, he didn’t take well to having a women hold a door for him, and wanted to put you back in your place.”

(I’m suddenly angry my simple kindness was met with such violence.)

Me: “WHAT?!”

Host #2: “What ‘what’? It never happened to you before?”

Me: “No! Of course not!”

Host #1: “You should just be glad you turned your face fast enough to not get a broken or bloody nose.”

(Our hosts shrugged it off, like it was normal. We found some ice, but I did get some bruises for the rest of our stay. And, no, we did not let one violent man be the representation of a whole nation. We didn’t stop holding doors open and the rest of people we did it for were appreciative.)

I Don’t Mean To Sound Racist But I Am

| Rock Hill, SC, USA | Bigotry, Strangers

(I am looking for a pair of prom shoes for my daughter. We finally find a pair that isn’t too expensive and matches her dress perfectly, in a store about thirty minutes away from our house. It’s a pretty generalized location, and there are four other people shopping in the store with us: three African-American women and one older Caucasian woman in her early sixties. My daughter has just tried on the shoes in question to find them a perfect fit and is putting them back in the box when the older lady approaches us.)

Older Lady: “Excuse me, can y’all help me?”

(The other three women are standing at the register just four or five feet away from us. She motions to the display of shoes and looks over at us conspiratorially.)

Older Lady: “I don’t mean to sound racist, but don’t these shoes look a little…” *she lowers her voice, but does that loud whisper that anyone in the store can hear* “…ETHNIC… to you?”

(All eyes are immediately on us, and my daughter wants to sink under the bench. I look up at the shoes and come up with the only thing I can think to say.)

Me: “Are you kidding? All kids are wearing their shoes like this!”

(She grimaces as if I’ve told her all kids wear leeches on their feet.)

Older Lady: “Yeah. But my son goes to a preparatory academy and I don’t think he’d like looking like… one of them.”

Me: “Well, if that’s true then all you can do is bring him back here with you to ask him yourself!”

(She stood there for a minute, blissfully ignorant of the three women still giving her a bit of the stink-eye and my daughter slinking away from her, before finally wandering out of the store. As we got up to the front register, the lady behind the counter just gave us a “WTF?” look as we shrugged our shoulders, paid for my daughter’s shoes, and went on our way. For the record folks, if you have to preface what you’re about to say with “I may sound prejudiced, but…” THEN DON’T BLOODY SAY IT!)

Bad Words, Good Cause

| St Petersburg, FL, USA | Bigotry, Popular

(I am hanging with my friend. His dad is a raging alcoholic and bigot. As an (undiagnosed, at the time) autistic sufferer, and being 12 years old, my brain has no filter. We are chilling one day when his dad decided to ‘teach’ us about gay people, including how they are all pedophiles and ‘can’t help themselves.’)

Friend’s Dad: “So, did you both learn what I told you? Repeat it.”

Friend: *repeats his dad*

Me: “You’re a f***ing idiot.”

(My friend’s dad grabs my arm and drags me across the street to my grandma’s house, where we are renting.)

Friends Dad: *to Mom* “Your son was extremely disrespectful! You need to teach him to respect his elders! He called me a f***ing idiot!”

Mom: *to me* “[My Name]!”

Me: “Ask [Friend’s Dad] what he was teaching us!”

(Mom looks at Friend’s Dad curiously.)

Friend’s Dad: *repeats bigoted rant*

(Mom grabs my arm and pulls me into the house.)

Mom: “You’re a f***ing idiot!”

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