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Bed Wetter

| NY, USA | Crazy Requests, Popular, Roommates

(I return to my dorm room mid-morning to find my roommate and her boyfriend there. He looks exhausted.)

Roommate: “Oh, hey, [My Name], is it okay if [Boyfriend] sleeps in your bed? The sprinklers malfunctioned in his room and woke him up, and his bed is all wet.”

Me: “Erm – can’t he sleep in YOUR bed?”

Roommate: “I just washed all the blankets and he’s kinda wet still, see?”

Me: “No. Just… no. Sorry, [Boyfriend].”

(I had been planning to go to the library, but instead I crawled on to my bed to work to make sure she didn’t stick him in it as soon as I left!)


Heather Heathen

| London, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Money, Popular, Strangers

(I am a tourist visiting London for a few days and don’t have much money with me. A lady collecting money for a children’s charity approaches me.)

Lady: *sticks piece of heather wrapped in glad wrap down my shirt* “Here’s a piece of heather. It symbolises good luck and has been picked from the fields in Scotland. In return we ask that you provide a donation to support the local children’s hospital.”

Me: *angry that she’d apparently decided it was ok to stick plant material down my shirt but wanting to get rid of her and be on my way* “Here’s some change.”

(I hand her some admittedly small change and go to walk away, fishing the heather out of my cleavage as I do so).

Lady: *catches up to me* “I’m sorry, dear, but this is simply not enough! It won’t even cover the cost of making up the heather!”

(I toss the heather back at her and go to walk away again.)

Lady: *follows me* “Don’t you have any more money you could give as a donation? It’s not even worth me taking this!”

(I ignored her and kept walking. Honestly, what happened to the “every little donation helps” mentality? I really wanted to yell at her for her blatant invasion of my personal space, too, but I figured it would be absolutely pointless and I just wanted to be on my way.)


No Child Is In The Running

| BC, Canada | Crazy Requests, Family & Kids, Popular, Strangers

(My sister and I are petite females. We go for a run in the park beside our house. Upon entering the park there is a huge amount of children’s toys and props scattered everywhere, including in the middle of the path. There is a large family taking family photos, occupying the only bridge across the river. We have been waiting in plain sight for about ten minutes at this point. One of the mothers walks up to me.)

Mother: “My son keeps crying in all of these photos! Come over here and do a dance with me and get him to smile!” *makes a move to grab my arm*

Me: *takes a step back to avoid physical contact* “Woah! How about NO. This is a public park and we’ve been waiting for a while. How about we just squeeze by you guys so we can get going?”

(The mother looked shocked that I wouldn’t want to entertain her “angel.” At this point the father gave me a look of pity and grabbed his son and stepped aside for the five seconds we needed to cross the bridge. In the future, don’t just assume everyone wants to babysit your kid or that every female loves children.)


Can You Like, Like Me?

| Scotland, UK | Crazy Requests, Popular, Technology

Friend: “Hey can you like my status on Facebook? Nobody has liked it yet.”

(Annoyed but willing to indulge her I look up her post and then stare at her.)

Me: “You posted this five minutes ago and ten people have already liked it.”

Friend: “It’s not enough.”

Me: “Are you really so desperate that you have to ask people to like your statuses?”

Friend: “People need to know I’m funny!”


The Amazing Race

| St. Joseph, MI, USA | Crazy Requests, Popular, Transportation

(It’s summer and I’m a 60-plus-year-old woman with grey hair driving an older minivan with the windows down. I stop at the last stoplight in town before heading north on the highway. Pulling to a stop I see a biker on a Harley in the next lane. He has a vest on with the name of his club and is sporting a arm-full of tattoos. We look at each other and he smiles.)

Biker: “Wanna race?”

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