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Fandom Gone Rogue

| Anchorage, AK, USA | Geeks Rule, Popular

(This is a conversation between Friend #1, who is a Trekkie, and my husband and me, in the movie theater before ‘Rogue One’ begins…)

Friend #1: “Okay there are Trekkies, Browncoats, Whovians… What do you call Star Wars fans… Nerfherders?”

Husband: “Until you have a television serial and a bunch of rabid fans takes over the dorm TV room on a weekly basis and piss people off, you don’t get a named fandom.”

Friend #1: “Yeah, but how do they refer to themselves even?”

Me: *waves hand while looking intently at [Friend #1]* “Our fandom does not NEED a label. Move along.”


Allspark Almighty

| USA | Geeks Rule, Holidays

(This conversation takes place over IM, with a friend of mine who lives out of state. Note: my mother collects Nativity sets, while I, being a nerd, collect Transformers figures.)

Me: “We spent all day decorating the house for Christmas. We also counted up all my mom’s Nativity sets. She has at least eleven.”

Friend: “Wow, that’s a lot of Jesuses.”

Me: “Yeah… she said at one point that they should make a Transformers Nativity.”

Friend: “Haha… so who would be Jesus?”

Me: “Probably Rodimus Prime.” *sudden brainstorm* “Or Optimus Prime, seeing as he has experience dying and coming back to life.”


About To Have A Stellar Argument

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Geeks Rule, Movies & TV, Overheard

(My friend and I have just seen the movie ‘Interstellar.’ We are walking out of the cinema next to a couple of people. The male figure speaks up)

Guy: “I absolutely hated Interstellar. I HATE SciFi/space movies!”

Me: *to my friend* “Then why the hell did he come see ‘Interstellar’? What did he think it was going to be about?”


Which Who Is For You?

| Nursing Home | USA | Geeks Rule, Holidays, Movies & TV, Popular

(While at a family Christmas function at a nursing home, a couple of girls around my age (mid-twenties) notice my ‘Dr. Who’ backpack and we strike up a conversation.)

Me: “So who’s your favorite doctor?”

Girl #1: “I think… the second one?”

Girl #2: “Yeah… the good looking one.”

(They had briefly mentioned they were new to the series, so I was hesitant to ask them this question.)

Me: “Do you mean… David Tennant?”

Girl #1: “Yeah, that’s the one.”

Me: “He’s a good one; one of my personal favorites as well.”

(I wasn’t sure how to break it to them that Tennant wasn’t the second doctor. But I figured if they watched the show long enough they’d figure it out on their own.)


Go With Your Instinct

| Lafayette, LA, USA | Games, Gatherings, Geeks Rule, Pokemon, Popular

(For the first couple of weeks after Pokémon Go came out, my D&D group — instead of D&D — would wander the local college campus playing Pokémon. I am the only member of the group on the yellow team; the others are all blue or red. During one outing, we come across a sports drink somebody had discarded.)

Group Member: “Hey, it’s yellow! [My Name], you’re the only yellow player. You should drink it!”

Me: “I’m not drinking YELLOW LIQUID we found in a f****** PARKING LOT!”

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