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In Keeping With Your Character

| Tokyo, Japan | Games, Geeks Rule, Popular

(I used to have a character in a now-defunct superhero MMO who wore a school uniform to fight crime because of lack of money and ability to shape-change to maintain secret ID. This character was popular with one of my friends.)

Friend: “Hey, why don’t you make a sexy version of [Character]’s costume?”

Me: “Because it’s not something that she’d do.”

Friend: “Come on, it will be great. They just released mini-skirts and midriff baring shirts. Go for it.”

Me: “I have some characters that might dress that way, but [Character] doesn’t really think about looking sexy. That’s part of the joke of having her built like she is and talk like a Valley girl.”

Friend: “Well, just think about it, okay?”

(Later on, I was designing a new outfit for the character and, on a whim, decided to go ahead and add the mini-skirt and too-tiny shirt as requested by my friend.)

Me: “So, I gave her a sexy-style school uniform.”

Friend: “Finally! Can you send me a screen-shot?”

Me: “Sure.” *sends screenshot*

Friend: “Is she wearing chain-mail under the school uniform?”

Me: “Plate and chain, I think, but yeah. I figure I’ll use that costume for when she’s fighting something really nasty.”

Friend: “So she’s still not showing any skin?”

Me: “Nope. I told you, she does everything for practical reasons. I’m thinking that the school uniform is only there because after so long acting in it public perception ties it to her and that means a lot of her magic is tied up in wearing a school uniform.”

Friend: “You just trolled me, didn’t you?”

Me: “Oh, yeah, but hey, gave me a new idea to develop the character.”

Dungeons & Dragons: Not Puppy Friendly

| MI, USA | Games, Geeks Rule, Pets & Animals, Popular

(My wife and I are playing a Dungeons and Dragons game with a few friends. The DM has played many times before but this was the first time for the rest of us. We were playing an “Evil” campaign where our party was up to no good.)

Dungeon Master: “You come upon a sheep farm with a bunch of herding dogs. The shepherd greets you.”

Friend’s Druid: “May I buy any of your dogs?”

Dungeon Master: “He will sell you some.”

My Wife’s Rogue: “I steal a puppy and put it in my pocket.” *rolls and is successful*

(A while later we are in combat against a lone Paladin and as the battle continues my wife’s character gets hit in combat.)

Dungeon Master: “Okay, you will take [number] damage.”

(Wife begins to write down damage.)

Dungeon Master: “Wait… is the puppy still in your pocket?”

Whole Party: *in horrified unison* “Nooooooooooooo…”

You Effed Up In Every Language

| CO, USA | Geeks Rule, Language & Words, Popular

(I am playing a popular trading card game at the local game shop. They’ve recently started a Twitch streaming channel to stream the top two games each round and I happen to be at one of them. Their rules are pretty simple: Be courteous and watch your language and content while you’re on the stream. The owner will give a warning if you break a rule while on stream.)

Me: “Oh man… I really f***ed up that last play. I’m probably going to lose… S***!”

Owner: “[My Name]! Language!”

Me: *repeats the whole thing in French*

Owner: “[My Name]!”

Me: *looks at him, then repeats the whole thing in German*

Owner: “Seriously, [My Name]?”

Me: *repeats whole thing in Dutch*

Opponent: “Oh, man… how long can you go? [Owner] is starting to get as red as his hair!”

Me: *repeats it in Spanish*

Worker: “[My Name] is giving our audience a cultural lesson!”

Me: *Vietnamese*

Owner: “Well… I’m pretty sure no one understand you at this point… Fine! As long as you do it in a language no one understands I don’t care.”

Me: *says it in Klingon*


Use A Hypocrisy Spell!

| OR,USA | Games, Geeks Rule, Popular, Religion

(There is a young woman in one of my classes who I notice reading a novel from a fantasy author I like. We start chatting and get along pretty well, so I try inviting her to my Dungeons & Dragons group.)

Woman: “I don’t play such games. My pastor told me that they are from the devil.”

(That puts a bit of a sour note on things and while we remain cordial to each other we don’t chat as much after that. A few months later I notice she seems unhappy.)

Me: “Is something wrong?”

Woman: “My Internet at home has been down for the last few days and I haven’t been able to play World of Warcraft.”

Required A Phoenix Down

| Extra Stupid, Geeks Rule, Health & Body, Popular

(I have multiple geeky (in a good way) friends. One day, one of those friends brings in two potions that he made by following recipes in a game. One of those recipes call for dead fish, and we named that one ‘the dead one.’ A bit after, he doesn’t come into school for three weeks, and we’re all worried about him. This is the conversation when he comes back.)

Me: “[Friend], why were you out for three weeks? You missed so much homework!”

Friend: “I drank ‘the dead one’…”

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