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Hearing The Little Invoices In Your Head

| The Netherlands | Backhanded Compliments, Money, Popular

(I’ve been struggling with some personal issues and as a result my studies aren’t going so well, so I make an appointment with the study advisor. Afterwards, I’m telling my friend about the appointment.)

Me: “It was really nice to be able to talk to someone and feel like my feelings are valid, you know?”

Friend: “Yeah, I can imagine. I mean, of course we are always here for you to talk to as well, but it’s nice to have a professional.”

Me: “Of course I know you wanna help me, but sometimes it’s really nice to talk to someone who gets paid for it.”

Friend: “Well, you have my bank account number…”

Was Robbed Of His Common Sense Already

| IN, USA | Extra Stupid, Money, Popular, Strangers

(We are sitting behind a guy in a packed restaurant.)

Guy: *on the phone, loudly for the whole restaurant to hear* “Yeah, we’re gonna be gone [from this day to this day] while we’re in Florida.” *pause* “Yeah, here’s my credit card number.” *loudly states his credit card number AND the numbers on the back of his card* “Did you get that?” *pause* “You need my address, too? All right, then.” *rattles off his address*

(This goes on for a couple minutes and besides his credit card number and address. He lists off exactly when he’s leaving for Florida, his license plate number, his flight number, and that he doesn’t have a house-sitter, which basically meant anyone in that restaurant could’ve easily robbed his house or taken his identity while he was gone.)

My Father: *sarcastically, after the guy and his wife had left* “Well, we know when to rob that guy’s house.”

Heather Heathen

| London, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Money, Popular, Strangers

(I am a tourist visiting London for a few days and don’t have much money with me. A lady collecting money for a children’s charity approaches me.)

Lady: *sticks piece of heather wrapped in glad wrap down my shirt* “Here’s a piece of heather. It symbolises good luck and has been picked from the fields in Scotland. In return we ask that you provide a donation to support the local children’s hospital.”

Me: *angry that she’d apparently decided it was ok to stick plant material down my shirt but wanting to get rid of her and be on my way* “Here’s some change.”

(I hand her some admittedly small change and go to walk away, fishing the heather out of my cleavage as I do so).

Lady: *catches up to me* “I’m sorry, dear, but this is simply not enough! It won’t even cover the cost of making up the heather!”

(I toss the heather back at her and go to walk away again.)

Lady: *follows me* “Don’t you have any more money you could give as a donation? It’s not even worth me taking this!”

(I ignored her and kept walking. Honestly, what happened to the “every little donation helps” mentality? I really wanted to yell at her for her blatant invasion of my personal space, too, but I figured it would be absolutely pointless and I just wanted to be on my way.)

Childish Behavior

| UK | Money, Popular, Strangers

(I’m walking up the high street behind a random man, who’s just about to pass a charity worker. They tend to gather here to encourage people to sign up.)

Charity Worker: *trying to block his path* “Sir! Sir, how are you today?”

Man: *walks around him* “Fine, thanks.”

Charity Worker: *speeds up to walk alongside him* “Would you like to hear about the work of [Children’s Charity] today and how you can help us improve the lives of children throughout the UK?”

Man: *veering away* “No, thanks. I have to go.”

Charity Worker: “For as little as £25 a month, you could make a huge difference to them! Let me tell you about the ways in which you could help us—”

Man: *speeding up* “I’m not interested!”

Charity Worker: *stopping and shouting down the street after him* “SIR! DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!”

Man: *over his shoulder* “NOT REALLY, NO!”

The Only Contacts She Needs Are The Banks

| NJ, USA | Bad Behavior, Money, Popular

(While in high school there is an anime convention in a town nearby. My cousins and I go everyday since it started so, on the last day, we have spent some money. One of my cousins comes up to me while I’m in the bathroom getting ready. Keep in mind: I have just started working, so I have saved up my money but it isn’t that much. My cousin has trouble with what little money she has and can barely hold a job.)

Cousin: “Hey, can I borrow, like, $45?”

Me: “Why?”

Cousin: “I saw some contacts I really wanted at the convention center yesterday, but I ran out of money.”

(In other words, her mom gave her money, she spent it all, and now her mom isn’t going to give her more.)

Me: “Um… I’ve been buying stuff, too, [Cousin]…”

Cousin: “I know, but I really want them.”

Me: “I only have a small amount left in my account. It’s just enough for me to buy a [Character] figure and still have something in my account. So, it’s not that I won’t give you the money. I literally can’t give anything.”

Cousin: “Why don’t you ask your mom for more, then?”

Me: “I’m not asking my mom for money so you can buy contacts.”

Cousin: “Whatever.”

(She went downstairs and, when I was done, I followed. I saw her pouting on the couch with an angry look in her eyes because I couldn’t pull money out of my a**. My mom surprised me with $40 extra dollars on the way to the convention, but after that I wasn’t going to give her anything.)

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