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Wish He Could Sit Further Down Streaming

| Tampa, FL, USA | Movies & TV, Popular, Strangers

(I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my husband’s plane to land, watching a TV show on my phone. I have my earphones in and am quite absorbed, so it takes me a moment to realize some guy around my age that I don’t know has sat down in the row of chairs beside me and is trying to get my attention.)

Me: *pulling out earphone* “Yes?”

Guy: *looking weirdly angry* “You know there are better shows than that, right?”

Me: “Maybe. But I’m watching this one. Have a good day.” *I go to put my earphones back in and he actually puts his hand on my arm in a firm grip to stop me*

Guy: “[Streaming App] has [Other Popular Show]. You should be watching that.”

Me: “If you don’t take your hand off of me, your next step is going to be finding someone to reattach it.”

Guy: *holds up his hands and pulls a mocking face* “Okay. Didn’t realize you had to be so sensitive these days. I’m just telling you, that’s not as good a show as [Other Popular Show].”

Me: “Sure.”

Guy: “It isn’t!”

Me: “Sure.” *I turn back to my phone and go to put my earphones back in*

Guy: “You know, I hope you learn some manners before you go out in public next time!” *angrily gets to his feet and stalks off*

(The feeling is mutual, dude, I promise you.)


About To Have A Stellar Argument

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Geeks Rule, Movies & TV, Overheard

(My friend and I have just seen the movie ‘Interstellar.’ We are walking out of the cinema next to a couple of people. The male figure speaks up)

Guy: “I absolutely hated Interstellar. I HATE SciFi/space movies!”

Me: *to my friend* “Then why the hell did he come see ‘Interstellar’? What did he think it was going to be about?”


Transported To The Two Towers

| Germany | Funny Names, Movies & TV, Overheard

(I am at the cinema, waiting for the movie to start. In the row in front of me are two young girls.)

Girl #1: “I hope this movie is going to be better than the last one I watched. I didn’t like it at all.”

Girl #2: “Which one?”

Girl #1: “That Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Two Holy Towers.”

(I have to bite my hand so I don’t laugh out loud.)

Girl #2: “The last one I watched was the one with all the cars.”

Girl #1:Transformers?”

Girl #2: “No, the other one.”

Girl #1:Transporter?”

Girl #2: “Yes, that one.”

(I really wanted them to keep talking; it was so much fun! But then the movie started. What a shame.)


A Black Mark Against That Friend

| USA | Bigotry, Movies & TV

(My friend is white but I’m Asian. We’re discussing a TV series that originated from comics. I didn’t know the comics at all then.)

Me: “I ship [Female Black Character] and [Male White Character].”

Friend: “I don’t like her; why the h*** is she even black?”

Me: “What’s wrong with being black?”

Friend: “She’s not supposed to be black. It’s just wrong.”

Me: “What do you mean? A black person is a person. Just like Asians. You even defended me when [Bully] said he didn’t like my colour.”

Friend: “What? No! I’m not racist.”

Me: “I’ve had experience with people who were fine with one race not their own, but still be racist to another race. Looks like you are. So are Asians okay just because I’m your friend?”

Friend: “I mean she, and [Black Character’s Black Father] should not have been made black. It’s not the dating part. That’s perfect, but they aren’t black!”

Me: “Still, you are not liking them because they’re black.”

Friend: “They aren’t supposed to be. They are only black because the actors are.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Friend: “The TV changed it; they were white in the comics for 50 years. Why the stupid change?”

(Not the best way of initially expressing her dislike of deviation, but she has never mentioned any other dislike due to deviation. This was during the first season. It’s now third season and she’s still never mention any dislike of deviation again, which were plenty. I don’t get it…)


Two Friends Of Very Little Brain

| Gresham, OR, USA | Books & Reading, Movies & TV, Popular

(It’s around three am on New Year’s Day and my best friend and I are scouring Netflix and finding as many kid movies as possible and laughing at them. I find one called “Piglet’s Big Movie” and read what it’s about because my mom loves Piglet.)

Me: “Timid little Piglet must overcome his lack of confidence and save his endangered friends of the Hundred Acre Wood by using his ‘Book of Memories’.”

(I stop reading and slowly lean back in my seat and look at my best friend in a look of awe.)

Me: “I just realized that it’s called the Hundred Acre Wood because it’s a hundred acres.”

(Then she burst out laughing while I just sat there in wonder. We are both in high school.)

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