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Heading Towards The Wardrobe Department

| Australia | Bizarre/Silly, Geeks Rule, Overheard

(Overheard this one without any context.)

Man: “Okay, I’ll see you in Narnia.”

Falling Context

| Athens, Greece | Bizarre/Silly, Overheard, Popular

(I overhear a stranger on the phone as I walk to a seat.)

Stranger: “Did I tell you to fall? I didn’t tell you to fall. So why did you fall?”

(As people don’t generally fall on purpose or on command, I do wonder about the context. The only way I can make any sense of it is if she was giving instructions for a video game.)

About To Have A Stellar Argument

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Geeks Rule, Movies & TV, Overheard, Popular

(My friend and I have just seen the movie ‘Interstellar.’ We are walking out of the cinema next to a couple of people. The male figure speaks up)

Guy: “I absolutely hated Interstellar. I HATE SciFi/space movies!”

Me: *to my friend* “Then why the hell did he come see ‘Interstellar’? What did he think it was going to be about?”

Transported To The Two Towers

| Germany | Funny Names, Movies & TV, Overheard

(I am at the cinema, waiting for the movie to start. In the row in front of me are two young girls.)

Girl #1: “I hope this movie is going to be better than the last one I watched. I didn’t like it at all.”

Girl #2: “Which one?”

Girl #1: “That Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Two Holy Towers.”

(I have to bite my hand so I don’t laugh out loud.)

Girl #2: “The last one I watched was the one with all the cars.”

Girl #1:Transformers?”

Girl #2: “No, the other one.”

Girl #1:Transporter?”

Girl #2: “Yes, that one.”

(I really wanted them to keep talking; it was so much fun! But then the movie started. What a shame.)

I’ll Tell You When You’re 51

Saskatoon, SK, Canada | Family & Kids, Movies & TV, Overheard, Popular, Rude & Risque

(I’m watching ‘Planet 51’ in the theatre. The human character is naked for some reason.)

Alien: “That’s a funny place for a tentacle!”

(Silence in the theatre, and then…)

Little Girl: “Daddy, what does that mean?”

Me: “I am SO glad I’m not the person who has to answer that question!”

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