Small Dog, Big Reaction

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(I, my mom, my mom’s boyfriend, and my mom’s boyfriend’s son go to a park that has a green field that is supposed to have an event that we’re interested in. When we get there, we hear that the lights are broken and they have to wait until next week. We aren’t upset so we have a picnic on the grass as the kid runs around the field with a soccer ball. After awhile I hear a scream and crying. I leap up and run to the sound with my mom and her boyfriend right behind me. When I get there I see a Chihuahua biting at the kid. I run at the dog and kick it hard enough to send it flying a few feet.)

Man: “What the h*** was that for?!”

(I turn to the man very pissed. It makes my mom back away from me.)

Me: “That rat was attacking him. There is a reason dogs are meant to be on leashes.”

(The man scoffs and rolls his eyes.)

Man: “My dog would never hurt a fly!”

(I gently drag the child closer to me and ask him to pull up his sleeves showing dog bites that are bleeding slightly.)

Me: “Does this look like ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’?”

(At this point the dog is biting at my ankles and growling at me. I look at the dog too pissed to care, and I roar at the dog, scaring it away. I look up as I see the man running away.)

Mom: “I knew you were scary but I didn’t know you were that scary.”

Mom’s Boyfriend: “Well, hot d***.”



Free-Wayyyy Too Far

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(I and two friends of mine are taking a trip to Croatia by car. One of my friends has already been in the city we are heading to a few times with her dad, so she gives my other friend directions.)

Friend #1: “Okay, and then you go along the freeway until it ends and turns into a normal country road.”

(We are driving hours and hours and no end is in sight. When we finally reach the end of the freeway, we notice that it is under construction and turns right just before the road works.)

Friend #1: “I don’t recognize the surroundings. That’s strange, because when I went to [Town] with my dad he would always drive till the end of the freeway.”

Friend #2: “Are you sure? Because you said it was going to be a six-hour drive and we have been driving non-stop for nine hours and [Town] is nowhere in sight.”

Me: “Um, [Friend #1], are you sure that we didn’t drive too far? Because it seems to me that since the last time you visited [Town] with your dad, the road construction might have gone a little further, and where the end of the road was two years ago doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the road NOW.”

Friend #1: *looking shocked as it suddenly hits her*

Friend #2: “Oh, come on, [Friend #1]. Don’t tell me that the last three hours of driving were completely in vain!”


They’re Not Trolling You

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(My twin sister has a friend who has Asperger’s. We all went through school together until he was put into a special program in high school and my sister lost touch with him. They’ve recently reconnected, and he’s exactly as we both remembered. He has come to pick her up to hang out. About a month and a half ago, I had dyed my hair silver and purple. The silver has faded and the purple has bled down and started to fade to blue.)

Friend: “Your sister’s hair reminds me of a troll.”

Sister: “What?!”

Friend: “Or that she just didn’t get a very good dye job.”

Sister: “[Friend]! That’s rude!”

Friend: “Oh.” *turns to me and shrugs* “Sorry.”

Me: “It’s fine. It was dyed almost two months ago, so I know it doesn’t look that great.”

Friend: “Oh, that’s why it looks so bad.”

Sister: *sighs*

(They left, and I went about my day, more amused than anything. I knew he wasn’t trying to be mean, and quite frankly my hair didn’t look as great as it did when I first got it dyed. I just hoped he meant that I looked like a troll doll with the color of my hair and not ugly.)


Wish He Could Sit Further Down Streaming

| Tampa, FL, USA | Movies & TV, Popular, Strangers

(I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my husband’s plane to land, watching a TV show on my phone. I have my earphones in and am quite absorbed, so it takes me a moment to realize some guy around my age that I don’t know has sat down in the row of chairs beside me and is trying to get my attention.)

Me: *pulling out earphone* “Yes?”

Guy: *looking weirdly angry* “You know there are better shows than that, right?”

Me: “Maybe. But I’m watching this one. Have a good day.” *I go to put my earphones back in and he actually puts his hand on my arm in a firm grip to stop me*

Guy: “[Streaming App] has [Other Popular Show]. You should be watching that.”

Me: “If you don’t take your hand off of me, your next step is going to be finding someone to reattach it.”

Guy: *holds up his hands and pulls a mocking face* “Okay. Didn’t realize you had to be so sensitive these days. I’m just telling you, that’s not as good a show as [Other Popular Show].”

Me: “Sure.”

Guy: “It isn’t!”

Me: “Sure.” *I turn back to my phone and go to put my earphones back in*

Guy: “You know, I hope you learn some manners before you go out in public next time!” *angrily gets to his feet and stalks off*

(The feeling is mutual, dude, I promise you.)


Baiting You Into A Conversation

| Savannah, GA, USA | Popular, Strangers

(I’m with my Girl Scout troop visiting Savannah, GA. We’re walking along a beach and basically just talking with locals and getting to know people and the area. We come across someone sitting on a dock, fishing, and he seems friendly enough so we chat a bit. It should be noted that we’re originally from Wisconsin. While fishing is an incredibly popular hobby in Wisconsin, there’s not really a lot of huge fish, especially for amateur fishing. Depending on the species, it’s not uncommon to catch fish only a foot or two long and consider it a successful haul.)

Us: *noticing the bucket beside him* “Oooh, are those the ones you caught?”

Him: *slightly offended* “That’s the bait.”

(And that’s how we learned about shark fishing.)