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Behavior Fit For A Toilet

| ON, Canada | Family & Kids, Ignoring/Inattentive, Strangers

(I am around seven or eight, at a restaurant with my dad. I go to the bathroom. I go into a stall and sit down, when I hear someone walk in.)

Lady: *knocks on the door to my stall*

Me: “I’m in here!”

(I’m pretty loud when speaking, so I think she hears me.)

Lady: “Hello? Anyone in there?”

Me: “I’m in here! Please don’t come in!”

(I think that’s the end of it, but I hear her step back, and she Sparta-kicks the door open, breaking the lock in the process! I quickly put my hands on my lap and lean down slightly, and then look at her. She has her small child with her, and she stares at me like someone just put a plate of rotting garbage under her nose.)

Lady: “Ugh, stupid kids.” *to her child* “Let’s try in the other stalls. I’m sure there isn’t a dumb kid in there. Not like you, my little angel.”

(She then walked off to the next stall without so much as an apology. I struggled to close the door with my tiny child legs while finishing up, and then I washed my hands and left. A little while later when my dad and I were getting ready to leave, I looked over to the other side of the restaurant. The kid from the washroom was throwing a huge temper tantrum, including throwing food and utensils, and the mother was getting glares from everyone else around them. As we left, I saw the mother getting a talking to by the owner! Sweet justice!)


Tramming Their Faith Down Your Throat

| Religion, Strangers

(My boyfriend and I are running errands on a particularly rainy and cold day. At some point we are on a tram stop and are waiting for our train, minding our own business, when a peculiar-looking old lady starts talking to me.)

Old Lady: “Excuse me, can you read?”

(I assume that she needs help with the tram plan, because I have often been asked for help with it in the past, so I just say yes.)

Old Lady: “You see, I need to… I need to make you a present… For Christmas… For you to be happy… It is important… About this book, you know, you do have it in your home, don’t you? The Bible?”

(Having guessed what she wants, I try to back out quickly, but politely, being far too nice.)

Me: “I have read it, I don’t have it, and I’m an atheist. You might not want to waste your time with me.”

Old Lady: “But this isn’t good, not at all! You’re so young! You need to let yourself be saved!”

Me: “Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs or lack thereof, so could we please leave it at that? Thanks.”

(I walk two steps away to my boyfriend, who has been playing with his phone, in order to ask him something unrelated to the old lady. She, however, doesn’t give up and decides to try and convert him. Note that he’s agnostic, but doesn’t like religious zealots who try to convert people on the street or walking from door to door.)

Old Lady: “Excuse me, can you read?”

Boyfriend: *not having heard my interaction with her, he just stares at her blankly*

Me: “He’s with me, and an atheist, too. Could you leave us alone, please?”

Old Lady: “Why? You want to lead people away from God! Why?! You are evil!”

Me: “Not sure about evil, and about leading people away from God. I’m not speaking to strangers on the tram stop, trying to convert people, now, am I?”

(She looks at me meanly, but our tram comes and we get in.)

Boyfriend: “Boy, she was weird… You are aware that I’m agnostic, though, are you not?”

Me: “I am, but it’s none of her business. I know that if you have questions, you’d look for a theologian or a priest, the way normal people do.”

(Seriously, I respect people’s beliefs, no matter what they call themselves, but not when they start hurting others’ freedom, and zealots who try to “save me” are extremely annoying.)


Jehovah’s Witless, Part 10

| Germany | Religion, Strangers

(My family and I live in a very rural area, so the only people that ever come to visit is either my extended family, very close friends, or the postman, who only comes around in the afternoon. Thus, I’m very relaxed about opening the door; or at least I used to be. My friend has stayed over and we watched movies all night and made a mess. One morning I open the front door to find what I assumed to be a really cute gay couple with a little boy standing in front of it. I’m only wearing my pyjamas, consisting of boxer shorts and a short crop top, since it’s summer and pretty warm. Utterly confused as to why a gay couple with a child would ring my doorbell at eight am on the weekend, I greet them.)

Me: “Good morning.”

Them: “Good morning… Uh… is… now not a good time?”

Me: “Actually, you woke me up.”

Them: “Oh. Sorry.”

(I now assume them to be new neighbours, since the house closest to ours was sold recently, to a couple with a son, as far as I knew.)

Them: “I guess we’ll come back later.”

Me: “That would be nice, sorry.”

Them: “Here.” *giving me some kind of brochure and retreating*

(I close the door and stumble back inside, to where my friend has woken up.)

Friend: “Who was that?”

Me: “Gay couple with kid. Probably our new neighbours.”

(I drop down to the sofa next to her and look at the brochure, going completely pale. She takes it from my hands. It is very obviously about something religious, and the realization that I basically answered the door half naked to a RELIGIOUS couple with a child sinks in. My best friend takes the brochure.)

Friend: “They weren’t a couple. They were Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

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Woman Number One

| Dandenong, VIC, Australia | Bad Behavior, Popular, Strangers

(It’s boxing day, so the shopping centre is PACKED. I’m with my five-year-old sister and our mother. Our mum is next in line to try on clothing when my sister tells me she needs to go to the toilet. I take her while our mum is in the changing room. We get to the restrooms, and the line is about five women long, so not too bad, but annoying when you’ve got a young child who’s basically dancing because they need to pee. The other women in line see her dancing, which prompts this. The numbers I’ve assigned to the women represent their place in line, one being the front, five being the back.)

Woman #5: “Excuse me, how old is she?” *she gestures to my sister*

Me: “She’s five.”

Woman #5: *speaking to the women in front of her* “Can we let this little girl go before us?”

Woman #2, #3, and #4: “Of course! Look at her, she’s dancing!”

Woman #1: “No. They got here after us, they’ll have to wait.”

(One of the stalls opened, and Woman #1 ran into the stall before my sister could get a chance. My sister started to tear up because she didn’t want to wet herself. Luckily, a second stall opened up and I rushed inside with my sister to help her undo her shorts quickly. We walked out at the same time as Woman #1, who glared at us, washed her hands, and walked out of the bathroom. I understand needing to go to the toilet, but a young child who is jumping up and down because they need to go so badly should probably take priority over an adult. I may just be biased in the situation, but it’s still not right.)


Getting Cross With The Crossing

| NJ, USA | Popular, Strangers, Transportation

(I am recovering from a minor knee-injury. No crutches or cast or anything, but I still have it wrapped up with an Ace bandage beneath my jeans and can hardly bend it. I have a pronounced limp and can’t go anywhere fast. I do still have to go to the store, though, and while in the parking lot I am waiting at the cross-walk for several cars to go by. One car stops and waves me past, I just wave back. They wave again; I shake my head and indicate my abnormally-straight leg. The driver then ROLLS DOWN THE WINDOW AND YELLS AT ME.)


Me: *shrug* “If you insist.”

(I then begin limping my way across the intersection; I get about halfway across his car before he HONKS AT ME.)

Driver: “HURRY UP!”

Me: *still standing in front of his car* “You know, if you’d just gone on when I waved you off, you’d already be back on the road by now!”

(Thankfully he wasn’t road-raging so hard that he decided to run me over; I was not inclined to put any extra hurry in my step to finish crossing the street, either.)

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