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It’s Channukah and I’ve been using the stove to light the candles for the menorah for the last few days since I keep forgetting to get matches. My roommates and I are standing in the kitchen. I’ve got the menorah burning in the dining room window.

Me: I need to remember to get more matches and candles on the way home tomorrow.

Roommate: Uh you know we have this right?

She reaches in to the junk drawer and pulls out a lighter. I knew it was there, but hadn’t been using it since I’d already tried it without success.

Me: Yeah, but the problem with this is that-

I pull the trigger to make my point and it ignites. I’m dumbfounded for a second and my roommates bust up laughing.


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(I am having a beer with my friend, who is autistic. I look up and she is flicking her tongue in and out of the bottle.)

Me: “Um, I’m sorry, but is it possible for you to not do that? It looks really sexual.”

Friend: “Sorry to make you uncomfortable. I didn’t realize it looked sexual; I was just stimming with the bottle.”

Me: “I’m sorry! I don’t want to shame you for stimming. I thought you were just being weird.”

(I really did feel awful for my request and the subsequent poor wording of my apology, but my friend thought my reaction was hilarious, especially as in her circle “weird” is a synonym for autistic.)

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( I have lived in a small tourist town my whole entire life. I also grew up in one of the neighborhoods closest to the high class hotels, so I’m used to tourists going into my property (not that it’s okay). My dad also ran the sports program at a local summer daycare that tourists used. I am 12 at the time, walking around the daycare grounds with my mom and service dog, and waiting for the program to end. My dog always has her vest on because of the tourists, and this experience was no exception.)

Tourist 1: Oh! What a cute puppy. *to young daughter*Honey, go pet the puppy!

Me: Please don’t, she’s working.

Tourist 1: Nonsense! No one your age needs a service dog, stop lying.

(No matter how much I try to stop her kid, the kid runs up to my dog and starts trying to pet her, even after my dog turns and try’s to get away from her. I’m panicking when my dad comes out of the sport area and sees me)

Dad*to tourist*: Hey! Why are you annoying my daughters service animal?!

(My dad is a large man, with many tattoo. The tourist turns toward me, grabs her kid, and runs away)

Dad: How long were they annoying you?

Me: 5 minutes too long…

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Friend: What sort of antivirus are you using on the new computer?

Me: Nothing.

Friend: What? Why? You don’t want a virus or to get hacked!

Me: How would that happen? It’s never online.

Friend: But they can still break into it!

Me: How?

Friend: Trust me they can break into it!

Me: Seriously, unless someone has physical access to the computer they can’t break into it.

Friend: Yes they can. I have friends who work IT they know anything can be broke into.

Me: It’s not attached to internet. I don’t have it connected to the router at all. Plus it doesn’t have wifi or bluetooth hardware on it. There is NO way into it without physical access.

Still, my friend insisted that there was “some way” someone could somehow access the computer remotely, despite the lack of any physical data connection. And of course that meant I should install firewalls and antivirus onto the machine.

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Firstly, I am bisexual and I knew I was as the time of this story, but had only revealed it to close friends. I’ve recently moved into my halls of residence at university and met my flatmates for the year. All are initially fine but I later find out that one of them, a woman, is possibly homophobic (I hear off one of my other flatmates that she’s quite disapproving of lesbianism, and I discover in my second or third year that she can’t stomach an advert featuring two men hugging and has to switch channels. She also stopped watching a favourite TV show, claiming it had been ruined, after an episode where one of the characters came out as gay). In general all of this didn’t bother me as I barely interacted with her, but still I thought I would describe my first and only one-to-one interaction with her. Prior to this she has been fine and chatting with me up to the night before, where we were all out drinking and I revealed that I had kissed another man before (for a dare, but still).

I’m in the kitchen having breakfast and reading before my first lecture. I see the woman come in and decide as I’ve been eating to just smile at her with my mouth closed. She doesn’t respond so I assume she doesn’t notice. She looks in the fridge and a cupboard before turning back around and heading for the door. I look up at her again, intending to smile again, when I notice her glaring so intently at the door she could have burned a hole through it, and she is leaning so much on the counter that quite honestly the only way she could have gotten closer was to climb on top of it. I follow her as she moves, accidentally kicks the bin, and opens the door only the smallest amount required for her to pass through. Overall she was in the room for about 10 seconds, and the entire time it felt like she was deliberately ignoring me. She hadn’t taken anything with her. When I go back to my room to pick up my bag, I hear her go back in the kitchen and not venture back out.

Like I said above, this was my first and only one-to-one interaction with her, and I can’t help but feel that she utterly despised me. It might not have anything to do with homophobia, but the fact she was fine with me up to the point of revealing my same-sex kiss, does make me wonder.

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