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Having just arrived at the grocery store to start shopping, I grab a cart and bump into a customer leaving with his purchases. I turn around to apologize and see the other customer looking at me.

Customer and me at the same time: Oh. Excuse me. Sorry. It’s all right. I hope you have a nice day.

We both grinned, shrugged and headed off to whatever we had to do next.

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[It is the day after the massive women’s protests of the Cheeto-In-Chief. I am standing in a fairly long line waiting to pay for my purchases. I am male, can pass for white despite being mostly Indigenous, and happen to be reading a book written by a Reagan administration official. So the guy behind me assumes I must be a Trumpanzee.]

Guy: “I’m glad Trump is in office. He’ll show those bitches.”

Me: [continues reading]

Guy: “Buncha ugly dykes. Have to dildo each other because they can’t get a man.”

[I become aware that he must be speaking to me. I close my book and look at him. As he’s talking, he’s texting on his phone.]

Guy: “You’re with me on this, right? Ugly dyke whores, all of them.” [He finishes his texting, and begins using his hands to gesture as he talks.] “Trump will put them all back in the kitchen. Women should be servicing men, not being with other women.”

[As he’s gesturing, I happen to see the background pic on his phone.]

Me: “I’m sure you feel that way, sir. But I’m curious about something. If you think lesbians are so bad, why is your background pic two half-naked women kissing?”

Guy: [hastily puts his phone away and goes silent]

Me: [resumes reading]

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(i woke up in the worst scene possible, yelling. and i was in a bad mood that day. Then my friend walks up to me)

Me- “Don’t talk to me.”

Friend- (tries to take a picture of me)

Me- (grabs his arm and twists it) “Don’t take a picture of me!”

Friend- (turns around and take a picture of the guy behind us)

Me- (Facepalm)

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(I was playing a game of Overwatch. They recently added a new gamemode for the Year of the Rooster. My team and the enemy team are at a stalemate and my team has pushed to the enemy flag. My team seems to be having some trouble standing on the flag long enough to pick it up.)

Friendly Bastion: STAND ON THE F**KING THING


(We stand on the flag long enough to capture it, finally.)

Friendly Bastion: (spams the ‘thank you’ voiceline)

(we won the round, and at the result screen…)

Friendly Bastion: Sorry for raising my voice I was frustrated.

(Polite people do exist!)

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There was one guy in my high school friendship group that none of us could stand due to his rude and obnoxious attitude. Unfortunately, we are forced to tolerate him due to him being a good friend of one of our friends. Recently he has gotten a girlfriend and is always bragging about his supposed sexual prowess. It has gotten to the point where he will talk about it even if it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. One day he strolls into the library and sits next to me and my friend while we’re talking.

Friend: So what you get up to last night?

Me: Oh had to go to that play with my drama class, was pretty dull! What did you get up to?

Friend: Had to help my mum with the shopping- just wanted to play on my console!

Rude Guy: Hah! While you two ‘boys’ were doin’ your boring s***, I was gettin’ p****

It has gotten to the stage where me and friend have decided to just ignore him when he starts bragging.

Me: Well at least you weren’t stuck in that hot theatre! Shame it was bad play, they took to us the Opera House!

Friend: Is it good in there, never been

Rude Guy: Yeah, we did three times!

Me (still ignoring): Was hot in there! Seriously does that place even have air conditioning?

Rude Guy: God she was absolutely lovin’ it! Though my d*** was on FIRE!

Friend: Was the play any good at least?

Me: Not really, seemed a bit badly produced!

We can see this guy getting annoyed next to us, but we can’t help but play devil’s advocate. Loudly he thumps the desk


The librarian shushes him behind us! he looks angered by this

Rude Guy: I was f****** talking!

Me: Oh, were you?

Friend: Didn’t notice!

With that, he storms out the library- a week later he dropped out of school due to his low grades. Another week afterwards my friends comes up to me laugh his head off.

Friend: You’re not going to believe this

Me: What?

Friend: (rude guy)’s girlfriend ditched him!

Me: No way! How come?

Friend: she was pissed about him telling stories to everyone! Apparently they all fake- they never actually had sex! According to her, they tried once and he got scared and was too chicken to try again! That time he bragged about doing it three times? She said they went for dinner with his mum that night!

Needless to say we never saw him again afterwards

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