Jailhouse Bump

| NY, USA | Awesome, Strangers

(I’m picking up a few things from the grocery store in a rush because I have a party to get to. I’m reading the list of things I need to get from my phone, and forget to watch where I’m going. I run full force into a very buff, tattooed, tough looking man.)

Me: “Oh, no, I’m so sorry!”

(The man looks calmly at me and puts his hand on my shoulder.)

Man: “My man, I just finished a ten year sentence at [Federal Prison]. I’m about to go home and make love to my beautiful wife for the first time in a f****** decade. You could hit me in the face with a baseball bat right now, and it would not ruin my mood one bit. Don’t even worry about bumping into me.”

Me: “Oh…” *unsure of how to respond* “Um, congratulations on getting out?”

Man: “Thanks. Now go tell someone you love ’em. Peace out, dude.”

(He walked away, leaving me both confused and amused. I think about that encounter every day. I hope he’s still doing well out there.)

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