Just Keep Drinking…

| Burnaby, BC, Canada | Movies & TV, Popular

(My friend and I are waiting in the incredibly long line back to town from our university campus. This happens as we are chatting. My friend has recently downsized from a house to a small condo, and I’ve had a specific housewarming gift in mind for her for well over a month now, but I have yet to actually buy it.)

Friend: *singing under her breath* “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Me: “Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to get you a housewarming present.”

Friend: “Don’t! Do you have any idea how much stuff we had to get rid of to fit in the new place? I had to give away a whole shelf of mugs—”

Me: *interrupting* “Can I get you a mug with a picture of Dory and ‘just keep swimming’ on it?”

Friend: “Oh, my god, yes!”

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