Skipped The Last Couple Commandments

| Greece | Bigotry, Hall of Fame, Neighbours, Religion

(It’s Good Friday, which means that, traditionally, no faithful Christians are allowed to do even the slightest amount of labor, not even cook or wash their hair. I am on the balcony, hanging our laundry on the line to dry, when a neighbour sees me.)

Neighbour: “What do you think you’re doing?! It’s Good Friday!”

Me: “It’s okay. I’m not religious. I had to do some housework.”

Neighbour: “But how can you be so inconsiderate of us true believers? Have you no respect?”

Me: “So, whenever Muslims have a religious holiday, does your family also honour it out of respect?”

Neighbour: *clearly frustrated by the good point I made* “BURN IN HELL!”

Me: “Oh, thank you! Best wishes to you, too!”

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