Wish He Could Sit Further Down Streaming

| Tampa, FL, USA | Movies & TV, Popular, Strangers

(I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my husband’s plane to land, watching a TV show on my phone. I have my earphones in and am quite absorbed, so it takes me a moment to realize some guy around my age that I don’t know has sat down in the row of chairs beside me and is trying to get my attention.)

Me: *pulling out earphone* “Yes?”

Guy: *looking weirdly angry* “You know there are better shows than that, right?”

Me: “Maybe. But I’m watching this one. Have a good day.” *I go to put my earphones back in and he actually puts his hand on my arm in a firm grip to stop me*

Guy: “[Streaming App] has [Other Popular Show]. You should be watching that.”

Me: “If you don’t take your hand off of me, your next step is going to be finding someone to reattach it.”

Guy: *holds up his hands and pulls a mocking face* “Okay. Didn’t realize you had to be so sensitive these days. I’m just telling you, that’s not as good a show as [Other Popular Show].”

Me: “Sure.”

Guy: “It isn’t!”

Me: “Sure.” *I turn back to my phone and go to put my earphones back in*

Guy: “You know, I hope you learn some manners before you go out in public next time!” *angrily gets to his feet and stalks off*

(The feeling is mutual, dude, I promise you.)

Won’t Break Your Back To Offer Some Help

| Germany | Health & Body, Popular, Strangers, Transportation

(I’m standing on a shuttle bus waiting to be taken to a plane, and see a guy in his 50s struggle with his bags. He clearly has a broken arm, yet no one offers to help. I’m stuck behind a crowd and can’t get past. We board the plane and land, and get on to another shuttle bus. As we walk off the bus we are met with a massive set of stairs. The guy from before gets off at the same time.)

Me: “Can I help you with that?”

Guy: “Really? Yes, please.”

Me: *struggling to pick up the bag* “Wow, this is heavy!”

Guy: “Yes, thank you. I’ve had to pack everything. My daughter has had her baby and I jumped on the next flight.”

Me: “That’s great. Must be a long trip with your arm broken.”

Guy: “Not just my arm; I broke my back as well. I’m in an upper body cast.”

Me: *reaching the top of the stairs* “Do you need any help from here?”

Guy: “No, thank you again.”

(Just to think 20 – 30 people would rather ignore someone so obviously struggling and with a broken back just to get ahead! The kicker: with everyone rushing off, they still had to get straight into a line to wait for customs checks.)

An Unfortunate Cookie

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Food & Drink, Non-Dialogue

I have a three-hour layover and decide to order some dinner while I wait. There’s a little Asian diner that looks pretty yummy. I order my chicken lo mein and they give me a fortune cookie treat to end my meal with.

The food is great, I am feeling satisfied, and ready to see what fun my fortune cookie has waiting for me. I crack it open and of course, it’s the worst possible fortune I could have read, especially being at the airport waiting to board an international flight. It read, “it is sometimes better to travel hopefully than to arrive.” NOPE. I disagree with you, little cookie. I would much rather arrive.

I’m actually about to board my flight right now so let’s all hope I make it.

Blame Canada!

| Toronto, ON, Canada | Popular, Travel

(I’m 18 and my sister is 21. We are coming back from a trip to Europe. We have a connecting flight in Canada that we missed. After waiting hours in a crowded, chaotic room with over 1,000 people, waiting to rebook our flight and get a room for the night, we are stressed out. My sister is crying and upset, which is making me upset. While that doesn’t excuse what I say next, I hope it makes it at least more understandable. We are exiting customs to go to our hotel.)

Customs Agent: “Hi! What brings you to Canada?!”

Me: *practically in tears* “I don’t even want to be here!”

(The customs agent just laughed with the other agent next to him.)

Customs Agent: *jokingly angry* “Hey, that’s my country you’re talking about!”

(Thanks for not being offended by an overly emotional teenage girl!)

This Conversation Is Going Down(stairs)

| Miami, FL, USA | Language & Words, Popular, Transportation

(We’ve just come through customs on a flight from Barcelona, so many of the people on the flight speak Spanish. I’m white, but speak Spanish fluently. All of this is in Spanish.)

Lady: “Can anyone help me?”

(The rest of the group by the monitors happens to not understand her.)

Me: “I speak Spanish. What do you need?”

Lady: “My flight is 0917 and I can’t find it. To Lima, Peru.”

Me: “It just lists 917 and it’s at D23.”

(We are at the monitors next to the escalator that would take her to D23.)

My Friend: *in English* “The tram’s here.”

(We start to get on the train and the lady follows, thinking we’re leading her to the gate when we need to get halfway across the airport. At this point, we’re separated by a large crowd, so I have to scream to be heard, still in Spanish.)

Me: *gesticulating wildly* “DOWNSTAIRS! DOWNSTAIRS!”

(The lady nods and gets off the train, but I have to wonder what everyone thought of the white girl screaming “Para abajo!” and flailing her arms for no apparent reason.)

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