Dawn Of The Bread

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(I’m staying at the university halls of residence with one other man and three women. It’s coming up to Halloween and we’re all talking about what we should do for a party.)

Woman #1: “We should decorate. You can do those paper folding things.”

Me: “It’s called origami, and I could.”

Woman #2: “We should do jelly shots, and bobbing for apples.”

Woman #3: “What will you do, [Man]?”

Man: “Maybe raise the dead…”

(We all rolled our eyes as he’s always been a bit strange. Fast forward two weeks and I got an email from him, in between lectures. It was titled ‘Raising the dead.’ I was slightly worried as this was the first email he had ever sent to me, but when I opened it there is a video to download with the only words in the email saying “Our little secret.” The video was of our oven with a tray of cake mix and several miniature zombies and skeletons resting in it. The video was sped up so they quite literally rise in about half a minute. It was the most random thing I’ve ever received and it tickled me for the rest of the day. We’re still good friends, but he has yet to tell me why it had to be a secret, and why he only sent it to me.)

Bed Wetter

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(I return to my dorm room mid-morning to find my roommate and her boyfriend there. He looks exhausted.)

Roommate: “Oh, hey, [My Name], is it okay if [Boyfriend] sleeps in your bed? The sprinklers malfunctioned in his room and woke him up, and his bed is all wet.”

Me: “Erm – can’t he sleep in YOUR bed?”

Roommate: “I just washed all the blankets and he’s kinda wet still, see?”

Me: “No. Just… no. Sorry, [Boyfriend].”

(I had been planning to go to the library, but instead I crawled on to my bed to work to make sure she didn’t stick him in it as soon as I left!)

The New Dorm-al

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(I recently moved into a student apartment in the middle of the year. I had heard rumors that the girls who used to live there were kicked out after getting busted during a crazy night of sex and drugs. I’m woken up on a Saturday morning to a knock on the door. I open it up to find some guy standing there. Since I just woke up, I’m only wearing an undershirt and a pair of boxers.)

Me: “Uh… Hello?”

Guy: “Hey, is [Girl] here?”

Me: “Um… sorry. She doesn’t live here anymore.”

Guy: “Oh. Okay.” *leaves*

(The fact that he didn’t look the least bit surprised to find some strange guy in his underwear answering the door of what he thought was a girl’s room seemed to confirm the rumors.)

Noticed A Couple Things

| Australia | Roommates

(My cousin studying in Australia is living in student housing apartments. It has two bedrooms with a bunk bed each. A friend visits their place while the two girls from one bedroom are out, but their door open, which is normal.)

Visitor: “I thought you were all girls here?”

Cousin: “Yeah, we are.”

Visitor: “Oh, I thought that room looked like a couple lives there.”

Girl: “Well, one of them is a tomboy; that’s all.”

Cousin: “I think she’d like that compliment, thanks.”

(She did.)

Remember To Remember ‘Remember’

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(I am at a convention located on a university. The accommodation for it are dorms, so the walls are really thin. I’ve gone to bed “early,” pre-one am, and have been woken up by people having a conversation in the hall outside my door. I can only hear one half the conversation, as the friend is further down the hall and they’re just yelling to each other)

Guy: “What was that?”

(Incoherent muttering.)

Guy: “You want me to remind you to remember to remind [Other Name] to do that? You have asked me to do this whilst drunk. By all means, when I’m sober, if I remember to remind you to remember to remind him, I will do so, but the likelihood of me remembering is low!”

(Most eloquent drunk I’ve ever heard!)

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