Will Stop At Nothing

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(My town is laid out as a grid. The “main” roads are each a mile apart and the businesses and neighborhoods are tucked in the square mile sections in between. To dodge traffic, folks sometimes try to drive through neighborhoods since they’ll come out at the same place anyway. To discourage this, the town has set up stop signs every other block in each direction. A few intersections have four-way stops but most have two-way. I get to a two-way stop where I have no sign and proceed to turn left. A car to my right barrels through their sign and almost hits me. I lay on the horn and proceed through the turn. The other car has to slam on the brakes. I make another turn down the road, also with no sign and then get to an intersection where I have to stop. The car that had to screech to a halt pulls up behind me, honking. I hit the door lock and roll the window up all but an inch. The driver, a lady younger than me, jumps out of the car and storms up to my car. She actually grabs the door handle.)

Other Driver: “Get out of the car, b****!”

Me: “Nope.”

Other Driver: “Get out of the car! You nearly killed my kids!”

Me: “You nearly killed your own kids. You drove right through a stop sign.”

Other Driver: “You had to stop there!”

Me: “No. I did not. I had no sign. You did. Even if I had a sign, you would still have had to stop as we would have both had signs. You blew through the stop sign and nearly hit me, almost killing my kids. I notice none of your kids are seat belted in. You clearly don’t care about your own kids. Oh, and a cop just pulled up behind you. Have a nice day.”

(I drove off to the fire station on the next block just in case she continued to follow. I don’t know if the cops noticed her kids were not buckled in but, since they were standing in the back seat, I don’t know how they could miss it.)

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