Baiting You Into A Conversation

| Savannah, GA, USA | Popular, Strangers

(I’m with my Girl Scout troop visiting Savannah, GA. We’re walking along a beach and basically just talking with locals and getting to know people and the area. We come across someone sitting on a dock, fishing, and he seems friendly enough so we chat a bit. It should be noted that we’re originally from Wisconsin. While fishing is an incredibly popular hobby in Wisconsin, there’s not really a lot of huge fish, especially for amateur fishing. Depending on the species, it’s not uncommon to catch fish only a foot or two long and consider it a successful haul.)

Us: *noticing the bucket beside him* “Oooh, are those the ones you caught?”

Him: *slightly offended* “That’s the bait.”

(And that’s how we learned about shark fishing.)

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