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Transported To The Two Towers

| Germany | Funny Names, Movies & TV, Overheard

(I am at the cinema, waiting for the movie to start. In the row in front of me are two young girls.)

Girl #1: “I hope this movie is going to be better than the last one I watched. I didn’t like it at all.”

Girl #2: “Which one?”

Girl #1: “That Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Two Holy Towers.”

(I have to bite my hand so I don’t laugh out loud.)

Girl #2: “The last one I watched was the one with all the cars.”

Girl #1:Transformers?”

Girl #2: “No, the other one.”

Girl #1:Transporter?”

Girl #2: “Yes, that one.”

(I really wanted them to keep talking; it was so much fun! But then the movie started. What a shame.)

Samey Amy

| Dublin, Ireland | Funny Names, Ignoring/Inattentive, Popular

(I am terrible at remembering names. I take a lifesaving class every week with a girl I’m friendly with and talk to during every class, but I can never remember her name. I come up with what I think is a genius plan to find out her name without admitting I forgot it.)

Me: “How do you pronounce your name again?”

Girl: *slowly and clearly* “Amy.”

You Drove It My Way

| Salt Lake City, UT, USA | Funny Names, Popular, Transportation

(My friend and I are driving around town, and have been cut off multiple times and almost been hit. It happens again and I have to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting this car that has pulled out in front of us.)

Friend: *fed up at this point* “F****** Sinatra.”

Me: “What?!”

Friend: “That Sinatra just cut us off! Are you kidding me?!”

Me: “…Sonata. That’s a Sonata. Sinatra was a singer.”

Friend: “Ooooh…”

I Need Cleep

| MD, USA | Food & Drink, Funny Names, Popular

(Friend #1 and Friend #2 have just returned from a weekend as chaperones at a teen church gathering, and are low on sleep. They are telling me about breakfast in the cafeteria.)

Friend #1: “They had soy milk, so I was able to use it on my soup. I mean, my salad.”

Friend #2: “Cereal?”

Friend #1: “Yeah. I knew it was something that started with an ‘S.'”

(Pause while we sort of stare at her.)

Friend #1: “I need sleep…”

The Adventures Of Calvin And Lil’ Frankie

| Beaverton, OR, USA | Family & Kids, Funny Names

(I am chatting with a friend on Facebook:)

Me: “Ok, if I have a son, I am naming him Calvin. SO HELP ME! I will make [Fiance] understand how perfect it is.”

Friend: “Ok, I will assist but you have to back me on naming my son Francis.”

Me: “Can I call him Lil’ Frankie and dress him like a tiny gangster?”

Friend: “YES.”

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