Racial Teleprofiling

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(My roommate isn’t Indian. We have been having trouble with scammers.)

Caller: *heavy Indian accent* “Hello, may I speak to [Roommate]?”

Me: “No, bye.” *hangs up*


Roommate: “Did you hang up on an another Indian guy earlier?”

Me: “Yes. They’re annoying.”

Roommate: “Unfortunately, that one wasn’t a telemarketer. He’s my uncle.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Roommate: “My dad’s sister married an Indian. That was him.”

Me: “Oh… oops. I’m so sorry. You never told me to expect him.”

Roommate: “It’s okay. Never expected it either. My first words were ‘Don’t scam me’ before he called me by my nickname and I realized his voice was familiar. I’m not that close to him, but my aunt has a sore throat today.”

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