Will Sprain That Knee From Jumping To All Those Conclusions

, | Nassau County, NY, USA | Health & Body, Strangers

(My friend and I are waiting for the elevator in my dorm with a couple of athletic guys. It comes, and we get on, and I push the button for the second floor.)

Guy: *to his friend* “Oooh, looks like SOMEBODY is lazy.”

Me: “Actually, SOMEBODY just got off crutches for a nasty knee sprain yesterday, and SOMEBODY is under orders from her doctor to stay off it as much as possible and avoid stairs. But it does sound like SOMEBODY ELSE likes to jump to conclusions.”

Guy: “…Sorry.”

Try Some Spew-ghetti

, | ON, Canada | Bad Behavior, Dorms, Food & Drink, Health & Body

(One of my friends was at my residence house one night, very drunk, and puked on our porch. We poured water on it to wash it away, but all of the… well, chunks, remained. I am with two of my classmates and we are walking back to my residence house so that we can work on a project. One of my classmates stops the other one before we go inside.)

Classmate #1: “WAIT! You can’t come in unless you can guess what [My Name]’s friend had for dinner last night!”

Classmate #2: “Huh? How would I know—” *he looks down and sees the left over puke and immediately looks away* “EW! OH, MY GOD, LASAGNA!”

The Twilight Of Our Technology

| SC, USA | Technology, Teenagers

(I am waiting for class to begin. Two girls are chatting behind me about their iPods.)

Girl #1: “My iPod is so old. It’s so old I have a sticker of Taylor Lautner on it.”

Girl #2: “Mine is so old I have Jersey Shore videos on it…”

Without GMOs Or A Home

| AZ, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Food & Drink

(I’m walking to my next class when I pass a man with a sign asking for money to buy food. He looks pretty hungry, being a broke college student, I don’t have any money, but I do have a granola bar. I offer him that.)

Man: *examining the granola bar closely* “Hold on, I have to check if this is organic and GMO free.”

Me: “I don’t think it is…”

Man: “Yeah, it’s definitely not.”

(He hands the granola bar back to me.)

Man: “Thanks anyway. Next time, bring something that’s not full of pesticides and funding Monsanto.”

Your Empathy Is Disabled

, | UK | Bad Behavior

(The entrance to the library we have been studying in has a few steps to climb. Because of the dimensions of the room however, a disabled ramp isn’t feasible, so there is a small elevator instead. We are all heading out.)

Friend: “I’m so tired.” *yawns*

Me: “Same. I’m collapsing on my bed tonight.”

Friend: *nods and presses the button for the lift*

(We all stop.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Friend: “Going down.”

Other Friend: “That’s for the disabled!”

Friend: “Well, I’m disabled. I’M TIRED!”

Me: “That’s not how it works…”

(She shrugged and took the lift instead of walking down the FOUR STEPS a wheelchair-using person would find impossible to navigate, in full view of the entrance, with at least 20 people glaring from outside.)

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